Friday, April 22, 2011

Slam by Nick Hornby.
Do you know how hard it is to find contemporary fiction about teenage boys? 95% of young adult material is focused on girls (and maybe their boyfriends) and most of the works with male protagonists are either fantasy or science fiction. I am trying to read the books in the young adult section of my library that have contemporary male protagonists. Slam is one of the few.
This is a story about a British teen who loves to skateboard and idolizes Tony Hawk. When he meets a gorgeous girl and they have a relationship, it leads to pregnancy. Sam tells his story in the first person and it feels quite real - but then, I'm not a teenage boy and have never been one. Anyway, Sam opens up about how scared he is, how much he wants to run away or be able to go back and live his old simple life of being a kid. But he owns up - with prodding - and advice from his poster of Tony Hawk - and actually tries to do the right thing. Sam's mom and dad also were teenage parents, and Sam desperately wants to be a better dad to his son that his father was for him.
I wish I could get boys to read this - before they have sex with their girlfriends. I don't think it would hurt for teenage girls to read it either!

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