Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ireland by Frank Delaney

This is the history of Ireland - so beautifully told in the manner of storytelling as opposed to straight historical documentary. In fact, Delaney incorporates a roving storyteller as one of the main characters in this novel. The way his stories are woven together with legend and personal memories of all those met along the road leads both the reader (and the protagonist, Ronan O’Mara) on a search for more.

One reviewer says “At first glance, this book is in the tradition of such James Michener blockbusters as “Hawaii” and “Chesapeake,” but Delaney wraps the history and geology and politics in a much warmer and more character-driven narrative than the Michener books.” (Connecticut Post, Feb 27, 2005)

If only all history could be written this way, students would be much more likely to feel that it (history) was fascinating – not dull!

I have to quote the end of the book, for I know it is true…
“The story is the teller… and the teller is the story. And stories unite us.”

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