Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Nora Ephron has one of the wittiest writing styles! Her articles, blog posts, books and screenplays are replete with humor and truth, and that is what makes them resonate with me and so many others.
I just finished listening to her new audiobook “I Remember Nothing”, narrated by Ephron herself. She is one of those authors who can read their own work well. (Many cannot!)
My book club loved “I Feel Bad About My Neck: and other thoughts on being a woman” when we read it in 2007. We had our book discussion while we were sitting in front of a lovely fireplace at our annual retreat, drinking wine and sharing our own stories. When we took our group photo before leaving for home, we all put one hand up to feign the attempt to hide the sagging neck flesh. I love that photo!
I have to put some of her other works (like ‘Heartburn’) on my reading list. I highly recommend her books to any female … especially those over 45.

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