Tuesday, March 15, 2011

In the Company of Others by Jan Karon

I forgot to write about the latest Jan Karon novel! How could that happen? Probably because I was so much in love with Ireland after finishing this book that I jumped immediately into Delaney’s “Ireland”. (See previous post)

If you haven’t already read about Father Tim and Cynthia I am not sure you could appreciate this story as do those of us who are fans of these characters. This is the second in the ‘Father Tim’ series, but Karon first wrote nine books in the Mitford series which introduces the characters and sets them up for their adventures in Ireland.

This newest novel finds Tim and Cynthia anticipating a glorious vacation as tourists in Tim’s ancestral homeland, Ireland. A small accident in their first location, however, leaves them bound to that site throughout the entire month and they find themselves intimately involved with the locals and their troubles. This is the nature of Tim and Cynthia, though. They get involved because they are not just friendly, but truly good Christians who take their call to love others quite seriously. The reason Karon’s readers (like me) can stand this ‘goodness’ is because she explains their (very human) reluctance to get involved. I really like them!

Keep on writing about them, Ms. Karon!

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