Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Danger Box is the title of Blue Balliett’s most recent book for kids. This time the protagonist is Zoomy, a 12-year old boy with pathological myopia who lives with his grandparents in a rural town in Michigan. Since he is legally blind, Zoomy sticks close to home and has no friends his own age. Then his world is turned upside down by the sudden appearance of his alchoholic father, a stolen treasure, and a girl who becomes his first friend.
As with Balliett’s other juvenile fiction, the children are bright and eager students, but face some hurdles in their personal lives. I want my oldest grandson to read this book because he is very bright but also has some eyesight difficulty and faces hurdles in relationships with his peers. Maybe if I get it from the library on audio, he can listen to it before bedtime.

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