Sunday, July 24, 2011

Even though I've commented on the final Harry Potter book (Deathly Hallows) before, I want to make note of the final movie which covered the final scenes from book #7.
Leading up to the movie, I had made plans for kids ages 11-17 (the ages of the Hogwarts students) to come to a Horcrux Hunt event at the library. It was a huge success with about 50 kids (most in costumes) enjoying the chance to celebrate the books and the movies. In fact, I was excited to see that most of them were very well-versed with the books and were more interested in the prizes that were Harry Potter memorabilia (like a replica of the letter Harry received inviting him to Hogwarts; a replica of the Marauder's Map, etc.) than in a $10 gift card for the movie theater.
Most of those kids were hoping to get to see the movie that night at midnight or on Friday or Saturday of the opening weekend. I was too! When I went to the 7pm showing at Hillside Cinema, I was definitely one of the oldest people in the audience, and the average age of the audience was probably in the mid-twenties. Those young people have grown up reading the books and watching the movies. They were very attentive and responsive - applauding and cheering loudly when Molly Weasley blasted Belatrix Lestrange and when Voldemort was finally defeated.
My reaction was one of appreciation for the computer wizards who can conjure such great special effects for the movies, but I still feel that J. K. Rowling is the most talented wizard of them all! Thank you Joanne - you've given us a real hero and stories filled with subtle lessons on love, loyalty, suffering, perseverance, using brains and collaboration to face adversity, and so much more!



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