Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dewey, the Small-town Cat who Touched the World– Vicki Myron
Some of my cat-loving friends have prodded me (and everyone else who works in libraries) to read this book ever since it was published in 2008. I resisted until two weeks ago when I finally decided to give in.
Am I happy that I did? Yes and no. Yes, because I am now able to say that I read it cover to cover and those who think all libraries should have a cat can stop reminding me to read this book. No, because although it had some insights about libraries and ways to encourage patrons and build good-will, it was way too long and filled with too much information about the author’s personal health. I have never owned a cat, but I have two grand-cats and would probably love to have a pet like Dewey Read-More-Books.
Would I recommend this book to others? Probably… to cat-loving bibliophiles!



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