Saturday, October 13, 2012

More reading, more good books

"The Evolution of Faith" by Philip Gulley was one of the most challenging books I have ever read. I loved Gulley's fiction novels about the kind and good Quaker minister who struggles to do his best with his family and congregation in a small town in Indiana. However, Gulley's non-fiction shows just how far his faith has evolved from that of his novels' protagonist. I would only suggest this book to those who are really strong in their faith or those who are so far removed from "the church" and its teachings that they will not be devastated by Gulley's theology. "The Male Brain" is written by Louann Brizendine, a scientist/psychologist. I certainly wish I had known all this before I raised two sons! I sent copies to both of my daughters-in-law so they will have a heads-up on what their sons are thinking - subconsciously and consciously. Many thanks to my friend Pat Graham, who recommended this to me. Whoa! What the he(double hockey sticks)! Gail Collins has written "As Texas Goes", a non-fiction account of the dealings (underhanded and political) that have been going on for the past few decades and are creating policies that affect every one of us in the U.S.A. I was flabbergasted and frankly am very worried about our future. Those crazy under-educated rednecks are undermining our democracy and our education system and more! Let's stop them.

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