Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm falling behind in my blogging! I've finished Monday Morning Faith by Lori Copeland and Dream Angus by Alexander McCall-Smith and have yet to write on them.
I vaguely recall reading a book by Copeland many years ago at the urging of my niece. I didn't have gloriously high expectations for this novel, but decided to listen to it on my MP3 as I drove in the car or exercised, because the protagonist is a librarian in her 40's. Like all of Copeland's books (since the mid-90's) this story is written about a person struggling with issues of faith and discipleship. It is also a romance novel. I fail to see what the man in this story saw in the woman, who was whiney, irritable, and resistant to suggestions. Nevertheless, they finally end up planning to have some type of long-distance relationship (marriage was implied).
Although I am a Christian and regularly attend church, the market for these books is a different demographic than the one I belong to! I'll leave them to the type A readers. (More on that coming as soon as I finish reading my current book, Reading Matters.

Dream Angus: the Celtic God of Dreams was a lovely, short book of Celtic myths about the God Angus who brings dreams to humans. Those who see him might dream of their love or of something that is about to happen to them. McCall-Smith interperses his stories of Angus' birth, parentage, triumphs and woes with contemporary vignettes of people who are visited by Angus' dreams. I particularly liked the introduction to this book in which the author writes "Myth is a cloud based upon a shadow based upon the movement of a breeze."
It was the perfect book to read for St. Patrick's Day!


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