Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Book Story Share

Welcome Book and Story Lovers!

This is the first post in what is hoped to become a space for us to share the stories and books we enjoy and to 'discuss' those books.

To get started:
What are you reading now?

I've just started reading two very different novels.
One of them is 'A Change of Heart' by Phillip Gulley. This is the 7th of the Harmony series by Gulley who is a Quaker minister - as is the protagonist of his stories, Sam Gardner. As a minister's wife myself, I think these stories are a hoot! If you enjoyed the Mitford series of novels by Jan Karon I would recommend that you look for these books. If your local library doesn't have them, find out if they can be borrowed via interlibrary loan.
The second book I'm 'reading' is a book on tape by Rachel Cohn. It is a YA novel called 'Gingerbread'. The protagonist is a rich, spoiled girl seeking to find direction, though she has a heart of gold beneath her rebellious exterior appearance.

Recent reads I enjoyed:
'Speak' a YA novel by Laurie Halse Anderson. This is a story of another girl who is feeling friendless after she called the cops to come to her aid at a teen party where she was - well, I don't want to give it away! But it is certainly a well-written story and many young women might be able to empathize with this main character who feels that she is not allowed/able to speak out with the truth.
'Milkweed' by Jerry Spinelli. This is a book marketed for YA readers but certainly the story is apt to be more compelling for adults. It follows the story of a young European boy without a family - indeed without a name - during WWII.
For great laughs and nostalgia my book group read and loved two short books by Richard Peck... 'A Long Way from Chicago' and 'A Year Down Yonder'. Read them a feel like you're living with Grandma down in the sticks of central Illinois during the depression. What a character that Grandma is! As Joey and his sister mature they come to love and admire her more than ever. I wish I could make such an impression on my grandchildren!

I hope to hear from some of you with suggestions for good books.


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